School Infrastructure

As the local community has grown, so has the need for more schools with suitable buildings, equipment and materials.

Although we were already proving considerable assistance to two primary schools, by building classrooms, teachers' houses, a library and setting up vegetable gardens, the most important need in recent years was to expand the opportunities locally for secondary education. With this in mind many of our recent building projects have taken place at Mfuwe Day Secondary School.
  • Six classrooms complete with desks and furniture.
  • Two girls' dormitories and two boys' dormitories, for boarding pupils.
  • Modern washroom facilities with showers, washbasins and toilets for both boys and girls.
  • Two shelters/socialization areas for boys and girls.
  • A borehole drilled to provide clean drinking water and a water storage tank erected.
  • New School Assembly and Dining Hall.
  • Buildings provided with furniture, equipment and educational materials.
In 2017 we extended our help to local schools by assisting a new pre-school "Aunt Mary's Academy" with furniture, and built toilets and sports stands at Jumbe Day Secondary School.

In 2018 we commenced construction of a fully furnished 6 classroom block at Jumbe Day Secondary School using a new concept which utilises shipping containers. This was completed and opened in 2019. Work has now commenced on a second similar classroom block.